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Resolution and action plan

Williamstown passed a resolution at the  June 2021 Town Meeting to adopt a net zero emissions resolution proposing the Town of Williamstown pursue a Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions goal consistent with the GHG limits established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The resolution requires developing and implementing a comprehensive climate action plan by 2023 in collaboration with the community whereby we:

  • take action to support clean, efficient, affordable, renewable technologies and approaches to heating, cooling and powering our homes and businesses; fueling our vehicles; minimizing and disposing of waste; and other activities to achieve a Net Zero GHG emissions goal;

  • include consideration of our Net Zero GHG emissions goal and climate change impacts in all municipal decisions and planning and procurement activities; 

  • take action to prepare for the impacts of a changing climate; 

  • ensure that our climate actions recognize the needs of vulnerable members of our community and are inclusive and equitable;

  • employ strategies consistent with the road map outlined in state policies and legislation.

Slideshow about Net Zero Resolution

News coverage of town meeting

Recording of Panel Discussion: Williamstown COOL Committee - A Net-Zero Williamstown - What Will It Take To Get There? 4.20.21

Media coverage:

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